Latest release version: 1.2.0a
Version date: 6/2/2018
Compatible operating system(s): Windows 7 64-bit, (maybe) Windows 10

Download: amv_tracker-1.2.0a

(1) Download the ZIP file.
(2) Extract to the directory of your choice
(3) Double-click amv_tracker.exe to run — that’s it!

Please note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of AMV Tracker, please be sure to copy your database(s) from your existing AMV Tracker folder to the new one. For those of you upgrading from v1.2.0 or later, you will also want to copy the “cust_list_names.p” and “cust_lists.p” files to the new folder. If you came to this website using the update prompt from AMV Tracker itself, these files will all already be copied to a folder on your Desktop called “AMV Tracker files”.

Read the README.txt file included in the ZIP file for more information.

Previous versions: