AMV Tracker v1.2.0

Sorry for the radio silence — I’ve been working on updates off and on for a while now, and I feel like I finally have some good stuff to release. The updates in this release are mainly focused on further organization of your data — there are now more ways than you’ll probably ever need to separate and search for videos using super-specific and more customized criteria than AMV Tracker previously allowed. The three major additions to this update are Custom ListsSub-Databases, and the ability to log and search by Contests. There are a number of other small additions as well, including tutorials on how to effectively use AMV Tracker, as well as a slew of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes that regular users will probably find welcome. View the full list of updates and changes below.


  • Fixed wording on the last bullet point in the Custom Search help window to clarify that if a date search row is not entered with all fields populated, it will not be included as a search criteria.
  • Fixed wording on pop-up tooltip for the Genome Project entry button on the home window to also indicate that “Star Rating” is not a required field for data entry.
  • Made certain large windows within AMV Tracker resizable if the user’s screen resolution is lower than a certain threshold. This was done because there were a few windows (data entry, custom search, and others) which at full size have a large height that rendered AMV Tracker unusable on smaller screens (i.e. netbooks). All such windows are now resizable and scrollable in such cases.
  • Made minor UI changes to some windows to complement the changes mentioned above.
  • Certain windows will now close when new windows are opened, to keep from having too many windows open at once cluttering up the screen.
  • “No effects” FX tag checkbox will now be checked if that tag was previously selected and the FX tag window is re-opened on data entry/video profile.
  • Text label on home window indicating current working database will now auto-shorten the displayed database filename if it is too long, so that the home window does not stretch.
  • When using the ‘Add From Folder’ function, AMV Tracker will now display only video files from the folder you choose, rather than all files. If no video files are found, AMV Tracker will show an error window.
  • Updated search function so that searching by e.g. anime with the “Starts with” radio button checked will list videos that have that anime listed anywhere as one of the anime in the video. Previously, it would only work if the searched-for anime search term matched the first anime listed on an AMV’s video profile (i.e. searching for “Neon” would pull up videos that had the anime listed as “Neon Genesis Evangelion // Akira // FLCL”, but would not pull up videos that had the anime listed as “FLCL // Neon Genesis Evangelion // Akira”). Also works when searching for editors listed as the second entry in collaborations.
  • Date Search option now has 2018 as the default year.
  • Changed button spacing and ordering in “Database Management” window so that the button groupings make more sense.
  • “Clear My Ratings” and “Clear database” functions updated to work with sub-databases (see “FEATURES ADDED”, below). User can specify which sub-DB(s) they want the selected function to act on. PLEASE NOTE: These functions now NO LONGER automatically create a backup of your database before executing. You must now manually create backups using the “Create backup of database” function before using these if you want to ensure a backup exists.
  • Minor wording changes on some of the tag pop-up tooltips.
  • Went through Genome Project database and did some pruning/streamlining on the anime column — ended up consolidating a lot of duplicate anime with different character cases, and fixed a few misspellings.
  • README.txt updated for v1.2.0.


  • “Statistics” button added on home window. This brings up another window which will allow access to a number of different ways to view database statistics (currently under construction, will be expanded in future updates).
    • “Quick stats” — Shows a bunch of generalized statistics for a kind of quick-and-dirty overview of basic metrics pulled from the database — total number of videos/editors, average rating scores, tag stats, etc. PLEASE NOTE: For the time being, Quick Stats are only available for the main database, not any sub-databases (see below).
  • Sub-databases: Create new databases which reside alongside your main database but are separate from it. Can be used, for example, to track your own videos with which you may utilize different criteria for rating than other editors’, or to set aside videos to watch and rate later, etc.
    • Drop-down menus added throughout AMV Tracker to specify which sub-database to search through or add to at any given time.
    • Create and delete sub-databases via “Database Management” window.
    • Copy videos from one sub-database (or the main database) to another via “Copy to sub-DB” button on video profile window.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you use the “Merge databases” function under Database Management, and the database you choose happens to have a sub-database with the same name as one of the sub-databases in the existing DB, AMV Tracker WILL NOT copy that sub-database to the existing database (i.e. the existing sub-DB will be preserved).
  • Custom Lists: You can now further organize videos into “Custom Lists”, which are groupings of videos that you create. Add videos from the video’s profile page (“+” button on top of the window) or by clicking the “+” button on the “Custom Lists” window accessible from AMV Tracker’s home window, which allows you to perform a custom search to find videos to add (you must create a Custom List first using the “Create New List” button).
    • On viewing a Custom List from the “Custom Lists” window accessible on the home window, if a video has a local file path entered you can simply click that cell to start the video in your default video player.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Custom Lists are currently only able to be populated by videos in your main database. Videos that exist ONLY within any sub-databases are NOT able to be added to Custom Lists — you will need to copy these to your main database in order to add them to a Custom List.
    • PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Custom Lists are not tied to a specific database in that they will be listed regardless of which database is active (if you keep more than one), however the CONTENTS of each list are tied to the database in which they are created. It is recommended therefore to only keep a single database, or if you intend on creating multiple databases, label your Custom Lists in such a way that you know which Custom List is tied to which database.
  • Tutorials: Accessible via clicking the ‘?’ button on the home window, you can now access a number of descriptive tutorial screenshots which help explain all the functions of AMV Tracker.
  • New data entry box added: “Contests”. This is a separate, searchable field which you can use to log any contests a video was in (if known). Not a required field for Genome Project entry or Free Entry.
    • Searchable via Custom Search; will search for the particular phrase you enter and will look for that phrase anywhere in the Contest field (i.e. searching for ‘expo’ would find videos entered in Anime Expo, Japan Expo, etc.)
  • “Make Compatible” function (accessible via “Database management”) updated for this new release. This function MUST be used on any pre-existing AMVT databases you want to carry over to the new version.
  • Choosing a database when first starting up the program, or changing the working database afterwards, will automatically make the chosen spreadsheet compatible if it has not already been updated to work with the new version of AMV Tracker.
  • In Custom Search, added ability to search for videos based on whether or not a URL has been added to the database.
  • “Refresh” clickable text added to search options window. When videos are deleted from the database or copied to a sub-database, subsequent searches to the database will not reflect these changes until the user goes back to the home window and re-enters the search side of AMVT. Now, the Refresh text can be clicked to do that immediately.
  • (Genome Project Entry ONLY) If video length entered is 2:30 or less, the “short” general tag will automatically be checked on pulling up the General Tags window. Similarly, if the length entered is 6:00 or longer, the “long” tag will automatically be checked.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “More than 2 editors” checkbox from performing as it should.
  • On Custom Search, searching by song genre was returning any video that started with the song genre search term (i.e. searching for “Pop” returned videos with the song genre classified as “Pop”, “Pop rock”, “Pop punk”, etc). Fixed this so the song genre search will return only videos with exactly the song genre selected.
  • Similarly, in a very edge case, searching for the “text” FX tag was also picking up videos that didn’t have that tag but did have “textures”. Fixed so tag searches only search for exact tag match.
  • “Make Spreadsheet Compatible” function was not throwing up an error message when the selected spreadsheet was not AMV Tracker-compatible. Fixed this so that function will not work with non-AMVT spreadsheets.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing video profiles from displaying the fourth anime listed in a video if exactly four anime were entered on data entry.
  • Searching Comments in Custom Search was not working as intended; fixed the search algorithm so multiple search terms could be entered (spearated by comma + space, as originally noted next to the search box) and AMV Tracker will return videos which have all listed search terms in the Comments section. NOTE: “Contests” search works the same way.
  • There is an existing feature in AMV Tracker that checks to see if the video you are entering has already been put in the database previously. It asks you if you’d like to just edit the existing entry, and if you click “Yes” it will bring up that video’s profile page. However, at that point, whatever you do, when you exit that page AMV Tracker will close altogether. Fixed this so that the AMVT home window will remain open when you finish on the video profile page.

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