AMV Tracker v1.1.1


  • Updated filename parsing on the “Add from folder” function. This function should now be much better at finding correct matches in the database than it was previously.
  • Initial startup text has been updated to accommodate a new bug fix (see below).


  • “Play random video” button added to Custom Search window. When clicked, this will execute a search based on the criteria entered, and will play a random video that meets those criteria. Search will always execute as if the “Local file exists in database” button is checked, even if it’s not.
  • AMV Tracker will now automatically run a check when it starts to see if a newer version is available. If so, it will prompt the user and ask if s/he wants to download it now. If yes, the user will be taken to the download webpage, and a folder will be created on the user’s Desktop with all spreadsheets from the user’s existing amv_tracker folder copied there for convenience. If the user selects ‘No’, AMV Tracker will start as normal and the user will not be prompted again.
  • Added “Check for Update” button on the home window. In the event that an update is available and the user decides not to download it at that moment, they can click this button to check again later.
  • Added “Watch” button on data entry window (just like on the video edit window). This was mainly for my own convenience but other users may like it too — I found it useful for quickly starting up videos located with the “Add from folder” function that weren’t already in the database, so I could watch them and add them to the database then and there.


  • Fixed bug that would not allow user to update the release date of a video that currently shows “Unknown release date” in the database.
  • If the user changed the working database, and then selected the “Add from folder” option without closing out of the program and reopening it, any changes made (i.e. videos added to the database, “Local File” fields populated on existing entries) were being put into the previously selected working database. Fixed this bug so that the user will now be acting on the currently selected database.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AMV Tracker from opening if the user had deleted, moved, or renamed the working database. This was previously fixed by the user manually deleting “working_ss.p”, however now the program will just prompt the user as it normally does when s/he starts the program for the first time.
  • Fixed an “intentional bug” that caused the program to run in an infinite loop on startup if the user decided not to choose a spreadsheet. User now has the option to click “Ok” or “Cancel”; if “Cancel” is selected or user presses the “X” button in the upper-right, program will simply close.

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