AMV Tracker v1.1.0

Less than a week and I already have a rather large update! I’m super excited about this because I made a bunch of small-but-significant additions, and as a result AMV Tracker has become much more useful to ordinary AMV viewers. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:


  • AMV Tracker will now remember window position on exiting and reopening. PLEASE NOTE: All window positions are now based off of the home window’s position (i.e. they will open in the vicinity of where the last instance of the home window is/was).
  • Fixed minor bug that allowed user to create a new database without a file name (i.e. file would have been called ‘.xls’).
  • Changed “Editor name” to “Editor username” throughout program to mitigate confusion (some people were stating they thought that this field was asking for the editor’s actual name).
  • Clarified what is meant by “pseudonyms” on the data entry window.
  • Changed wording on some of the pop-up tooltips to be more concise, and hopefully clearer to non-native English speakers.


  • “Local file” field added on video entry/edit window. This is for the user to specify the video file location if it exists on his/her hard drive.
  • Added new data entry button — “Add from folder”. This will allow the user to select a folder on his/her computer that contains any number of AMVs. AMV Tracker will then display a list of all the video files in that folder that have not already been added to the database, and the user can click on each video file in turn to pull up a data entry window which will automatically populate with that video file’s file location in the “Local file” field. The user can then add the video to the database as normal.
  • This option also has a feature that will check the filename against any videos already entered into the database. If it finds a match (it’s kind of finnicky, but if the username or video title is anywhere in the file name, it should pick up the corresponding database entry), you can click it to pull up the existing database entry, and the file path will be added to the corresponding field. You can then just click “Submit” to update the entry with the file path.
  • Added Custom Search function “Local file…” which allows the user to specify whether they want the search to include or exclude videos which have local file paths specified in the database.
  • “Go” button added by the URL field in a video’s edit window; user can click this button to pull up the video’s profile page online (assuming a URL has been entered).
  • “Watch” button added by the Local File field on the video’s edit page. If the user has specified a file location for a video, they can click this button to start up the video in the user’s default video player.
  • Added “Copy video” button on video edit window, which allows the user to copy the video from the current database to another of the user’s choice.
  • Created “Make spreadsheet compatible” button under Database Management functions. NOTE: This will ONLY work to update spreadsheets that were already compatible under AMV Tracker v1.0.0.
  • Added two search buttons on each editor’s “profile page” — one for YouTube, one for These will pull up searches on the respective websites for all of the selected editor’s videos.
  • Similarly, added same buttons on each video’s edit window, but tweaked slightly to search for the specific video, rather than all of the editor’s work.

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