About AMV Tracker

Hello, and thank you for checking out AMV Tracker! AMV Tracker is a simple, clean, functional program intended to make it easy for anyone to keep track of the anime music videos they watch. It tracks numerous types of data about a given AMV, and includes a robust tag system of my own design which makes it possible to uniquely identify each and every video that you enter into the database. On top of this, it allows the user to create a database that is compatible with the AMV Genome Project, which is the project that inspired AMV Tracker in the first place. Basically, if you use websites like RateYourMusic, MyAnimeList, aniDB, Goodreads, etc., AMV Tracker is probably right up your alley.

It is written in Python 2.7, and makes use of the PyQt4, xlrd, xlwt, and xlutils libraries. It requires no installation; just download the ZIP, extract, and run! I hope you enjoy using AMV Tracker, and if you find it useful, or have any suggestions or bug reports, please let me know by posting a comment here or by registering over at AMV Central and posting in the release thread. Thanks again!